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Location : Unitar University Internasional alor setar. source

Advanced Technology for Salon and Spa Digital Marketing Promotion || SalonClouds+

Want to know the flow of your every visit on your website? Want to know the ROI? Then, watch the video... SalonClouds+ is coming...

Villa Marketing Promotion Video / Andara Villa 23 source

Music Marketing Promotion – Is It Really Worth the Investment?

CHECK OUT MY MUSIC - In this video I discuss paying music marketing companies to promote your album, or single release. source

Mobile DJ Branding & Marketing/Promotional Items

My take on branding yourself and a look at my promotional items. source

EXTENDER CARD | Interactive mailer for B2B Direct Mail/Marketing Promotion

Extender Cards make fabulous marketing and advertising direct mail products for business communications and promotions. See more here: ... source

Promotion decision | Information4You | Principle of Marketing

Marketing Mngmt - Promotion Decisions Advertisements Promotion decision is used to find the appropriate and effective method to promote a particular product ... source

Promotion Analysis Techniques Course Preview

Promotion is a key driver of incremental sales, as well as a point of differentiation for retailers. In this course, participants learn what promotion...

5 Piso Wifi Business Tips – Capital, Investments, Marketing, Promotion and...

Personal Learning on starting a piso wifi business in the Philippines provinces. Piso Wifi Piso Wifi Vendo Hotspot Wi-Fi Business LBP Wifi EasyWifi Adopisoft...

Marketing Minute 105: “Word-of-Mouth is the Best Marketing Promotion” (Advertising /...

Of all the ways to promote your product, brand, or organization, the most effective is customer-to-customer word of mouth. Advertising, personal communication ... source
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